Flexlight Multi Simple RGBW 3M- Dual2x 30 LED


Flexlight Multi Simple RGBW 3M- Dual/2x 30 LED

Product information - Flexlight Multi Simple RGBW 3M -Dual /2x 30 LED
Key words
Two RGB LED strips of Lamptron with total 60 LEDs
50 centimetres each
5 -pin connection for Gigabyte mainbaords
4 -pin adapter for ASUS and MSI mainboards
Voltage 12V
With this Lamptron Flexlight Multi Simple RGBW you can beautify a system with harmonious lighting effects. The two RGB LED strips are 50 centimeters long and each one houses 30 RGB LEDs, all of them 60. This allows a housing to immerse itself in a harmonious light and to be illuminated with impressive effects. The integrated 5 -pin adapter is designed for Gigabyte mailboards, but the package also includes a 4 -pin adapter for ASUS and MSI mainboards. The 3M adhesive strips make it easy to attach the flex lights to the housing.
The Lamptron Flexlight Multi Simple 3M Kit at a glance:
Two 50 -centimeter long LED strips with total 60 RGB LEDs
5 -pin connection for Gigabytes RGBW -Pins
4 -Pin adapter for ASUS RGB HEADER and MSI JRGB
Compatible with ASUS Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light
Stylish RGB lighting effects
The Flexlight LED strips are compatible with Gigabyte mainboards with 5 -pin RGBW headers. For example, the RGB software can be used to adjust the colour tone in the RGB colour room with 16,8 million colors and synchronize with other compatible hardware and peripheral components as well as to adjust different lighting effects. Particularly the channel, which additionally controls the white color of the LEDs, provides more saturated colors.
The package also includes a 4 -pin adapter for ASUS and MSI mainboards. With ASUS mainboards properly equipped, the RGB LED strip can be connected to the RGB /HEADER marked connector, with MSI marked connectors to the JRGB. The control is then done via the appropriate RGB software for the respective mainboard.
Technical details:
Length: 0.5m*2
Lighting: 60 RGB LEDs
Voltage: 12 V DC
Connection: 5 -pin to 4 -pin adapter
Installation: 3M