• Fan control of Lamptron for a 5.25-inch slot - with four channels (up to 30 watts per channel)
  •  Violet black LCD TouchScreen
  •  1x 4-Pin & 3x 3-Pin and 4x Temperature sensors
The Lamptron CM430 fan controller is built in a very simple manner so a computer fan can be monitored and controlled. For this purpose, a total of four channels, each with 30 watts of power available, with three ports for standard fan (3-pin) and a connection for PWM fan (4-pin) or another standard fan are suitable. The CM430 features in this version four practical temperature sensors, and a green-lit LCD touch screen, the addition to detailed information also provides an easy configuration of the connected fan.

The Lamptron CM430 can be quickly and easily screwed into a 5.25-inch slot. Thanks to the four screws it has a secure grip and added the computer to a practical solution for the regulation of developed fan. The black frame impresses with its appearance of brushed aluminum and surrounded the green glowing LCD touch screen in a perfect way.

A total of three standard (3-pin) and a PWM fan (4-pin) are connected, the latter also through a standard fan could be exchanged. The scope of supply also includes in addition to the 4-pin cable and the three 3-pin cables total of four temperature sensors. The fan controller is supplied with power via a 4-pin Molex connector, which in turn is not included.

Functions of CM430 fan control

The display of fan control provides a range of information and configuration options. In addition to a Power-On / Off switch can be found on the right side of the option between the four available channels to change. The center of the display shows the current speed of the fan in the form of a tachometer. To the left are the temperature and a changeable speed, voltage or percent display. 

The CM430 fan control still offers an opportunity to make all the settings manually or to select automatic operation. In addition, the brightness of the illumination can be adjusted in three levels (100%, 50% or 0%). After switching on the fan control the lighting by default is set to 100%. In automatic mode, it switches itself off after three minutes. 

The CM430 is also equipped with an alarm function, which can warn the user at too low or too high a temperature. This function can be quickly and easily configure and disable or enable as easily. Likewise, between "Quiet" can - and "Full Power" mode to be changed, according to the requirements of the cooling. Note: On the three 3-pin connectors and 4-pin PWM fan can be connected instead of standard fans. These can then only be adjusted through the tension. 

- High quality aluminum housing
- LCD touch screen with red illumination
- Four channels, each with 30 watts of power
- Connections for 3x 3-pin & 1x 4-pin fan
- Included four temperature sensors
- Automatic or manual control
- Design & installation of CM430 fan control

- Dimensions (overall): 148.5 x 42.5 x 63 mm (W x H x D)
- Dimensions (LCD): 129 x 32.5 mm (W x H)
- Compatibility: 1x 5.25 bay
- Black (Housing), Red (Lighting) Blue (Lighting) Green (Lighting) R&B (Lighting)
        UV (Lighting) Yellow (Lighting) R&Y (Lighting)
- Fan channels: 4 (max 30 W per channel.)
- Voltage: 0 - 12 V DC

- 1x 4-pin Molex 
- 1x 4- or 3-pin fan 
- 3x 3-Pin fan 
- 4x 2-pin Temperature Sensor

- 1x CM430 fan controller 
- 1x 4-pin fan cable 
- 3x 3-pin fan cable 
- 4x 2-pin temperature sensor 
- 4x screwBB00BLP_148567_800x800BB00BLP_148568_800x800BB00ALP_148562_800x800BB00ALP_148563_800x800Lamptron_CM430-VertLamptron_CM430-Vert.1CM430 YELLOWQQ图片20170915131213FG007LP_174284_800x800FG007LP_174285_800x800Lamptron_CM430-RougeBleu.1Lamptron_CM430-RougeBleuLamptron_CM430 R&YLamptron_CM430-B&Y.1